Customized EDI Integration Solutions
EDI solutions for integrating with ERPs. What sold me on MegaXML was the fact that TPG can customize the software to meet our needs. Most EDI software packages are not fully customizable. MegaXML eliminated need for an in-house EDI hardware and software cost.
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EDI DELFOR Delivery schedule message

DELFOR is a message which is sent from a buyer who is planning (forecasting) the use or consumption of products to a supplier who must plan for releasing the product on a specified schedule. This process is also called as Schedule and Release. Where the buyer forecasts to receive items on a certain scheduled within a period (monthly, quarterly or yearly etc.) The requested items on DELFOR to be released from supplier at a certain date within the specified period.

Supplier normally saves DELFOR ‘schedule and release’ information on a database. For automation, the supplier also monitors the next release date on DELFOR to release the quantity of items on the scheduled date within the specified period.

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