Customized EDI Integration Solutions
EDI solutions for integrating with ERPs. What sold me on MegaXML was the fact that TPG can customize the software to meet our needs. Most EDI software packages are not fully customizable. MegaXML eliminated need for an in-house EDI hardware and software cost.
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EDI DELJIT Delivery just in time message

The Delivery just-in-time message DELJIT is used primarily by manufacturing companies where parts are required at a certain specific time to arrive for assembly to continue.

DELJIT message provides the ability for a customer to convey precise delivery sequence and Just-in-Time schedule requirements to a supplier, and is intended to supplement the Delivery Schedule Message (DELFOR).

The Delivery just-in-time message may be used for both national and international applications. It is based on universal practice related to administration, commerce and transport, and is not dependent on the type of business or industry.

The use of this message will facilitate the practice of Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery by providing the customer with a mechanism to issue precise shipping schedule requirements in terms of a 24 hour clock and on a more frequent basis than with the instance of a delivery schedule message, e.g. daily shipping schedules versus weekly planning schedules.

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