Customized EDI Integration Solutions
EDI solutions for integrating with ERPs. What sold me on MegaXML was the fact that TPG can customize the software to meet our needs. Most EDI software packages are not fully customizable. MegaXML eliminated need for an in-house EDI hardware and software cost.
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EDI 753 Request for Routing Instructions

The EDI transaction 753 refers to the request for Routing instructions document. It allows a supplier to ask buyer how the purchaser of a load would like products to be shipped.

The 753 Request includes information about the products that need to be shipped. It is generally used for shipments that originated from a single location and that are to be delivered to one or more destinations.

The 753 Request for Routing is required by buying organizations that have taken control of their inbound transportation process to reduce transportation rates and better control their inventory. The buyer, rather than the supplier, plans shipping and controls the relationship with the carrier.

The buyer then replies to supplier with EDI 754 providing merchandise routing instructions with carrier being used, pickup dates of shipments and number of trailers.

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